tinned ghosts - GLOW IN THE DARK

Little ghosts that seem to have forgotten how to be birds, except for the very essentials. Beak? Check. Tail that sticks out? Check. These tiny sleek forms are definitely birds. Were, birds, rather.

Adopt a pair today, just be mindful of shenanigans. 

Cast resin figures come as a set of two (they are differently shaped) nestled into small tins lined with felt. 

Embossed on the inside top is a sigil of my own making, which if you look at it the right way the moons are eyes and the triangles are an open birds beak. 

Tins are 1.25" wide and figures are 1" tall. Last photo is shown only for scale with a US penny and does not picture the type of ghosts this listing is for. 

Designed and handmade in Maryland by Marisa Rand of skullery.