blind bag skullgarden lenormand crystal


This is the first of several special collaborative works between skullery and Andy Swartz of skullgarden, funding part of our adventure in Iceland in May that is sure to reflect in our work afterwards. 

These solid resin crystals were specifically shaped to fit skullgarden's The Seeker's Lenormand miniature deck. Each crystal contains one card, with this batch limited to one deck of 36 crystal cards, no two are the same. They will be packaged in stamped muslin pouches and chosen at random for each order, like drawing a card out of a deck unseen. 

"The Seeker's Lenormand is a 36 card lenormand divination deck full of surreal, slightly macabre, and naturalistic imagery, and is the third deck in the trilogy of the Wooden Tarot and the Earthbound Oracle."

All of the card artwork can be seen here

These are large palm sized crystals measuring approximately 3 1/2" tall, 1 3/4" wide, 1 1/4" thick, and have a nice comforting weight to them. 

This is a preorder - it will take a little longer than normal orders due to the very slow setting time of the resin. Crystals will be shipped out by May 1st. 

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