bronze cast beetle

A one of a kind solid bronze beetle, cast directly from the real thing using a twist on the lost wax process. 

Instead of a wax model of the item to be cast, the real insect is used. They are incased in a special plaster and put into the kiln, where temperatures up to 1300 degrees turn the insect into ash which creates a hollow void with impressions of its form left in the plaster. Molten metal is then flung into the void to fill the space left behind, then cleaned and polished using jewelry techniques.

Ash from the insect can leave hollow "erosions" in the finished product in places where it blocks the metal from flowing. Instead of flaws I see these as quirks to the process, a visual representation of the fragility of life and decay.

These pieces are intended to be treated as sculptures, as antenna, legs, wings, etc are quite small and could be damaged if worn. 

No insects were harmed, all were found dead by me. This particular beetle found its way into my windowsill at some point.

You will receive the exact specimen in the photos. Bronze will tarnish over time, you can polish the high spots gently with a jewelry polishing cloth to bring back the shine. 

Measures 7/8" long by 5/8" wide. Comes in a gift box. 

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