bronze sparrow skull necklace

A life-sized sparrow skull cast in solid bronze from a modified mold I made of the real thing. The original specimen was found mummified in the walls of an old house. Skull measures about 1 1/8" from back to beak tip.

These bronze pieces are handmade by me every step of the way in my tiny metal shop, using the lost wax casting method.

Comes on a gunmetal-plated brass chain, 18" is standard but if you'd like a different length let me know at checkout and I'll be happy to make one to your specified length. Adjustable black waxed cotton cord and adjustable black leather cord are also available upon request.

Bronze will tarnish naturally over time, I suggest cleaning them periodically with a jewelry polishing cloth when you want to bring back the original shine. These sorts of cloths remove tarnish but leave the dark patina in all the nooks and crannies that bring out textures and details. Tarnish removing liquid solutions will remove both tarnish and patina.

all work is © skullery

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