heat sensitive crystal necklace

A fun take on my classic resin crystals!

These crystals have been cast with a heat sensitive pigment mixed in - not as a coating. The entire crystal changes color from a light icy blue when warm to a dark teal when cool, with the change happening at about 77 degrees fahrenheit / 25 celsius. 

Example : when it's cool inside, your necklace will be a darker blue, lightening in color in contact with anything over 77 degrees, like your body or other sources of heat. On a hot day like the 90 degrees when I took the sample photos, it will be a light color that will turn darker when in contact with something cooler than 77 degrees, like a cold drink or ice!

Choose the length of gunmetal plated chain you'd like. If you'd prefer a different length or an adjustable cotton cord instead, leave a note with your order.

Crystals measure around 1.5" long and will vary in shape. These are cast from molds made of real crystals so they have lots of natural character to them.

Disclaimer: exposure to high heat (dropping it in your steaming hot coffee, leaving it on the dash of a car on a hot day) may diminish the ability for the change to continue taking place. 

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