heat sensitive mini magpie skull necklace

A fun take on my classic resin skulls!

These skulls have been cast with a heat sensitive pigment mixed in - not as a coating. The entire skull changes color from a light icy blue when warm to a dark teal when cool, with the change happening at about 77 degrees fahrenheit / 25 celsius. 

Example : when it's cool inside, your necklace will be a darker blue, lightening in color in contact with anything over 77 degrees, like your body or other sources of heat. On a hot day like the 90 degrees when I took the sample photos, it will be a light color that will turn darker when in contact with something cooler than 77 degrees, like a cold drink or ice!

Comes on an 18" chain. If you'd like a different chain length or an adjustable cotton cord instead for no extra charge, let me know at check out.

Skull measures 1.25" long

Disclaimer: exposure to high heat (dropping it in your steaming hot coffee, leaving it on the dash of a car on a hot day) may diminish the ability for the change to continue taking place. 

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