about skullery

Skullery® is a one woman operation owned and operated by me, Marisa Rand.  

My skulls start with the real genuine artifact collected from a wide variety of sources. Some I find myself in the woods I live in, some I buy from other small collectors, some are gifted to me, some are sourced from responsible sellers like Skulls Unlimited. No animals are killed for the purpose of my work. Each of the real skulls become ambassadors of their kind, since from just one carefully sourced individual I can create hundreds. 

The skulls are then altered to make them suitable for casting and I make a silicone mold of them. From these molds I can make many duplicates in a wide variety of finishes by pouring in liquid resin compounds. The resulting skulls are solid, durable, and highly detailed. Pigments are mixed into the resin so the color becomes an integral part of the cast, not a coating that will come off. Some skulls have even been miniaturized with the help of special casting compounds.  

For metalwork, I use the lost wax casting process and do every step from making a wax skull, casting, and polishing myself. 

 Thanks for stopping by!

-Marisa Rand / skullery