No, all of my skulls/bones/etc are cast resin replicas I make myself. 

Each model starts with a real skull that I have carefully sourced, then I alter it so I can make a silicone mold of it. After that first copy is made I usually do more alterations, such as sanding/polishing, or shrinking using special compounds or 3D technology. Once I have the perfect form (or master as they can be called) I can make production molds and cast many copies. 

Special editions are made by mixing pigments, glitters, and special effects powders into the resin before casting. The colors and effects become a part of the skull itself. Multichrome skulls are made by brushing powders inside the mold, then the resin poured inside bonds with it.

After they are cast each piece is carefully cleaned up, sanded, polished if needed, and washed. Some work like the lacy magpies and mushrooms are painted then sealed. 

I make all of my molds myself based on my own models. They are not for sale. 

I carefully source them from places I trust to share the same ethics I do, like Skulls Unlimited. Nothing is ever killed for my work.

For example, the cat skull is from a feral that died from natural causes near someone that cleans skulls. The sparrow skull was found mummified in the walls of someone's house. My raccoon femur keychains are made from bones I found walking in the woods on the first day I moved into my house. 

Many real skulls are not legal to possess, especially birds. Some are larger than I like to cast, though I'm exploring 3D scanning/shrinking. Some I have no interest in, like humans or monkeys. Some I actually have made in the past but were poor sellers. You are welcome to suggest a skull you'd like to see but chances are I won't make them unless there is overwhelming interest and it doesn't meet the above criteria. 


My special editions are released in batches every few months (hopefully more frequently in the future) and sell out quickly. Sign up to the newsletter to be notified of shop updates, or follow me on instagram (@skullerygram) to see WIPS from the upcoming batch.

99% of the time, no. If you have a really exciting project or want to make me an offer you think I can't refuse, feel free to contact me. 

If it's for a special edition, no. Most of the time I can't recreate them even if I tried due to the unpredictability of the medium. 

I'm very sorry, truly. I can only make so much at a time and certain pieces are very popular. My site does not have a "hold cart" feature, though I am looking into options. I do preorders from time to time to give more people a chance at something. 

No, sorry, that would not be fair to others.


Most of my products are made to order, so please allow 2 weeks for me to cast, clean up, assemble, and ship your items. Pre-made items (special editions, stickers) may take up to 1 week to ship depending on my work load and ship schedule. See the shipping section for usual postage times. 

I ship via USPS. Domestic orders are shipped First Class or Priority mail, depending on weight, and take about 2-5 days to arrive. Tracking is included.  

International orders are shipped via USPS First Class International and typically take 2-4 weeks to arrive. However, due to unknowable postal reasons far outside my control, they can sometimes take up to 8 weeks. If it has been 8 weeks and your order still has not arrived, please contact me and we'll find a solution. Tracking is included, but can be unreliable once it leaves the US. 

Shipments to Italy, China, and Russia are at the buyers own risk due to the overwhelming amount packages that I have sent there that seem to get lost. 

All work and content is copyright Marisa Rand / skullery®, and skullery is a registered trademark. A lot of work goes into taking a skull from being a fragile thing to something castable, especially for my miniatures and highly polished casts. Recasting my work is illegal. You may not reproduce my work in any way or medium. You may use my skulls in your own work as long as it is not recast.

Due to the handmade/made to order nature of the products, refunds are not accepted. Please double check measurements, photos, and all available information before purchasing.

Refunds or replacements will be given if the item is faulty, is incorrect, or there are damages incurred during shipping. A photo will be required to prove these claims. If I make a mistake I will do everything in my power to make it right! Email me at hello@skullery.rocks or use the contact form.