the every sticker pack

One of EVERY STICKER I have ever had printed!

You get:

- flying fox bat galaxy skull

- sparrow on bone (originally a kickstarter reward, few remain)

- freebie logo sticker #1, silkscreened (previous edition, few remain)

- freebie logo sticker #2, chrome foil (CURRENT freebie sticker. once they run out I reprint in a new style)

These packs are limited to do the limited quantities of some of the stickers.

Stickers are silkscreened on quality vinyl with thick ink (except the foil sticker, it's machine printed). Stickers are weatherproof and will last many years outside in the elements before fading. I have personally had some from the same printer on my car for 3 years, they look as they did the day I put them on.


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